Well Sunday the 13th saw the resumption of the Seacourt annual badminton competition. Turn out was a little lower than expected but nevertheless the competition went ahead with a last minute change from doubles to singles. Athletic prowess whittled the two groups in to a winners group for the Championship and a runners up group for the back Plate. Heading the Championship final was Graham ‘Grizzer’ Cottle vs Josh ‘Red Arrow’ Hunter.

Propping up the Plate was Steve ‘Bald Man’ Young vs Andy ‘Spare Tyre’ Jest. Eventual winners were Graham and Steve. No trophies were offered there being no better trophy than the admiration of your contemporaries. Graham and Josh having had outstanding opening rounds selflessly imposed a Blue Moon handicap on themselves at half time in order to level the field. At this point it would be prudent to thank Mark the chef for a truly outstanding chilli both in flavour and quantity, not sure the second half would have happened without it. Also thanks to Izzy and George for keeping the players in a proper state of hydration by serving lager and Guinness without delay. Finally a thank you to Aaron for lending a hand organising a revised singles format for us while he took a break from reminding the real tennis players of how many points they had. 

Obviously some members will feel aggrieved for failing to take up the badminton challenge. Fear not as next year we will be holding another competition and will expect a better turn out to what is considered the world’s fastest racquet sport.