Sadly this season’s Brodie Cup exploits ended with a narrow 3 – 2 loss away to Oxford.  As has been the norm this season, Josh, Huw and William were in devastating form and won their matches with ease, and special mention should be made of their exemplary sportsmanship alongside their success, in what has been their first year in the competition. Regrettably the more experienced members of the team were unable to gain that elusive win to take us through. Thanks to Neale, Simon and Jess for their dedication to the cause. Next year maybe…

  • 1st singles: Mark Fischel bt Neale Turner 6/3 6/3
  • 1st Doubles: Doug Holden & Jean de Pourtalès bt Simon Flynn & Jess Garside 6/5 2/6 6/3
  • 2nd Singles: Chris Lintott bt Nigel Ireson 6/5 6/1
  • 3rd Singles: Graham Piddock lost to William Flynn 0/6 2/6
  • 2nd Doubles: Harry Lawes & Oscar Marshall lost to Josh McMurrugh & Huw Thomas 4/6 2/6

On the same day at home our Sepncer Davies-led Pol team suffered a similar fate, albeit that they pushed a strong Royal Tennis Court team further than they may have been comfortable with.  As a result, we unfortunately find ourselves in the 2nd tier event next season, The Field Trophy, but hope in the following season to not only be promoted but win the whole event. Thanks to Hugh Latham and Charlie Danby for coming out of the woodwork to make us a decent team on the day.

  • 2nd Doubles: M McMurrugh & C Danby lost to P Dunn & D Blizzard 6/4 2/6 3/6
  • 1st Singles: L Danby bt N Hatchett 6/3 6/0
  • 2nd Singles: H Latham bt T Freeman 6/4 4/6 6/1
  • 3rd Singles: J Whitaker lost to S Barker 5/6 5/6
  • 1st Doubles: S Davies & T Weaver lost to J Sohl & D Watson 2/6 4/6