Alf Fleming Handicap Doubles Tournament was held on the weekend of 17th/18th February. Twelve pairs participated in the tournament, and everyone was looking forward to some close matches.

Group 1 winners were Jane Grady & William New, Group 2 winners were Pete & Barnaby Tambling, and Group 3 winners were Mark Gillespie & Mark McMurrugh. In the first semi-final, Jane & Will played against the Tambling’s, who won 6/2. In the next semi-final, Mark Gillespie & Mark McMurrugh defeated Graham Law & Jerry Way 6/3.

The final was proof that the handicap system has some value with Mark & Mark gaining a 7/4 lead after being way behind and reaching match point. However, Barnaby, having a moment, destroyed the ball into the dedans, bringing the match on again. The Tambling’s pulled back to 7/7, making it a great final. Congratulations to Mark Gillespie & Mark McMurrugh for winning the Alf Fleming tournament!

Lastly, thanks to Jon and his team for keeping everyone refreshed and Vince for his roasts on Sunday. Special thanks to Alf Fleming himself for supporting the tournament all weekend and his generosity throughout the tournament. He supplied everyone with a glass after the final, along with his kind words during the prize-giving ceremony. Thank you, Alf.

Andrew Lyons