Padel Tennis was first brought to Seacourt by the then Chairman in October 2014 he saw lots of purpose-built Padel courts in Spain and watched it being played. He realised that with elements of squash, tennis and real tennis skills it would be a good fit for the Seacourt members. The club decided to encourage Padel Tennis to be played on our Rackets court, as this was the least used court in the Club. It was marked out to double up as a Padel Court. Over time the court has been used by a number of small groups and individual players. However, over the last few years, Padel tennis popularity has grown massively. There is now a Seacourt Padel Group which has been running for several years, this group plays predominantly in the earlier part of the day. Many other smaller groups play in the afternoon and evening. The standard in the Club goes from beginners through to advanced and there are players from all ages.   Padel tennis is gaining popularity daily mainly through its low entry level and a game can be achievable by all players. The present indoor court is good but not a true Padel court as it is 1mtr shorter and 1mre narrower than an official court size. Nonetheless, it is a great all-weather alternative and is well-used. In 2024 there are plans for two new outdoor courts and this awaits planning approval.

If you want to try Padel contact Seacourt reception. You can come and try Padel as a non-member in the first instance, just contact reception.

We currently have plans with the local council to apply for 2 competition outdoor padel courts. Watch out for more news on this in the future!